What Bag?

what bag?
If you are a person like me, having handbags are more golden than having shoes. Everyone you see and love you have to have, even if that color doesn't go with anything in season.
Well...That use to be me! Then i cleaned out my closet and gave away all the bags i was not using or didn't really need. I did keep 5 bag... two Hello Kitty faces, mini and big quilted with gold chain and a brown one. But one day during the summer, my big quilted with gold chain bag broke at the movies... I was devastated! 
Tell this day i still miss being able to use that bag. It was the most stylish and functional bag i own.
But to make a long story short Spring Cleaning is basically here and if i could go back i would have kept most of my bags instead of limiting myself. Because now i am saying, "What Bag?"

PS: I am on the hunt for a new handbag. I don't know where i want to purchase it at or anything along those lines. So if you have any suggestions please let me know.
 Once i get the bag i love i will do a "whats in my bag" video and blog post, but in tell then its still in the works. <3

Bags in picture
Faux Leather Zippered Bag Forever21
Kitchi Crossword Tote BetseyJohnson
Urban Expressions Coco Bag baghaus
Crosby Carryall Coach

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