FashionShyChild : April 2015

April 30, 2015

Green With Envy

green with envy 2
Jacket: Forever21 | Top: Ross | Jeans: Target | Shoes: Nike Dunk Sky Hi (similar)| Sunglasses: Target | Bracelets: Aldos (similar)| Ring: Forever21 | Other Accessories:

For the past couple of day the weather here in the San Joaquin Valley has been so off. I wake up every morning with the first think being to check my weather app. Sometime i think its completely pointless, since that thing changes all the time. It can go from saying a high of 76 degrees to saying 88 in 5 min. and next thing, you look out side and it raining out of know wear.
When it comes to me getting dress, i have been pairing a cardigan or mini jacket with every outfit. That way if it does go from super hot to windy, i can be prepared.
I love this utility jacket i purchased at forever21 in the plus size section. It's such a statement piece and subtle at the same time and who would have know, it matches my Nike Dunk Sky Hi's so well.
PS: How is the weather like where you stay?

green with envy 1 green with envy 6 green with envy 4 green with envy 5 green with envy green with envy 7 green with envy 8
photos by Eric

April 27, 2015

A Day of Experimenting

Pre OOTD 1
Hey fellow Shy Children!

This weekend, mostly on Sunday i spent the day experimenting. Playing with my makeup, clothes and jewelery led me to an idea of sharing with you all my thought and feeling of the whole process. Mainly because it might come off as something easy. 
You get up, brush your teeth wash your face, might take a shower to then apply your makeup and get dress. Yeah, that's the gist of it... but there is more! 

Being a fashion blogger makes you actually think about your outfit in a way most people don't or fail to realize. I know in my head I'm always thinking, did i wear this piece before? How did i style it? How can i match something else with it to make it different and fresh? Thinking like this can have a toll on you, But realistically speaking, i am not going to go out shopping every week to buy a whole new wardrobe. So i work with what i have that the time and make to work.

When it comes to picking out jewelry pieces and applying makeup, i kinda just do whatever...LOL! That not even a joke! I'm really a kid playing in her mothers stuff. But it works for me and i come up with the best "put together" that way. I even came up with a makeup look, that is so light it would work great for these upcoming hot months. You will see it this weekend.

I hope this encouraged you to experiment with the things you already own. Who knows what you might come up with and you might even surprise yourself.

So this leads me to a question for you. How do you experiment in the area you love?

Pre OOTD 2 Pre OOTD 3 Pre OOTD 4 Pre OOTD 5

Quote Monday

It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction.
- Warren Buffett

April 23, 2015

Ep. 4 | Not finished hair, Packages & Easter Candy

Hey friends! Here is Vlog number 4, sorry its so late!

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Thanks for watching!

- Cort

April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day

earth day 1

When i lived back home with my mom and my siblings, Earth Day was always a big deal for us. My mom would treat it as any other major holiday and go all out with it. If i would compare it to a holiday you are familiar with, it was like Thanksgiving. I know that might seem kind of weired, but it was. She would put the nice white fancy table cloth on the table, buy colorful flowers for center piece and come up with as many as she could, fresh fruit and vegetable dishes for us to have. It was always amazing and special and i actually really miss it.

Therefor today in honor of Earth Day and my lovely moms tradition of celebrating it, (probably to the extreme) i decided to go out around my neighborhood and do what i do best... Take lovely pictures for you all to enjoy!

I hope you all have a great Earth Day and actually reflect on what makes this planet great.

With love, Cort

earth day 2 earth day 5 earth day 7 earth day 3 earth day 8 earth day 10 earth day 9 earth day 11 earth day 6 earth day 12 earth day 14 earth day 13 earth day 15
photos by Me

April 20, 2015

#DearMe: A Message to Young Cort


Dear young Cort,

This is your future self to give you some words of wisdom and let you know that everything is going to be okay. I know your going through a hard time right now dealing with bullies, getting rejected by fellow peer for being different and even getting told that the arts will take you know where. But I'm hear to tell you, all of those thinks other people say, do and tell you doesn't matter at all. 

Your going to grow up, realize and see that those people that bullied you and made you feel less of a person for being taller, having a bad eye and big boob actually really wanted to be just like you and tried even harder later to get your attention and want to be your friend.

For the fellow peer that rejected you because you are more of a tom boy than a girly girl are going to see that playing video games isn't just a boys thing and its actually really cool. But you know what is also really cool and makes you different than everyone else, is your eye. Right now people might act like you are not looking at them or even make fun or question you about it. But you are going to grow up, except that its like that and know one is really going to care anymore.

When it comes to the arts Cort, your actually really good at it, but you already know that. Your going to get to High School take every art class possible... even if you dont need the credits. Graduate with the acceptance of going the the best art school you always dreamed about going too. 

But you know what tops it all off? You always believed and stuck with what you loved, know matter what anyone said or did. You have people looking up to you know, other shy kids that are just trying to find there way in this world. You are an inspiration to many and a kind heart. Stay strong young Cort.

With much love, 
Future Cort

Quote Monday

Doing Good is a simple and universal vision. A vision to which each and every one of us can connect and contribute to its realisation. A vision based on the belief that by doing good deeds, positive thinking and affirmative choice of words, feelings and actions, we can enhance goodness in the world.
- Shari Arison

April 19, 2015

Julep Maven Unboxing and Review

julep 1 
Happy Beauty Weekend!
So let me introduce to you this weekends beauty post. I decided to do something different and randomly select a beauty subscription service to test out. I did not tell the company I was doing this, so the word "blogger" was left out altogether. I didn't want any special privileges! Due to the fact, I wanted to have the full experience as a regular person going to test out a service. So I made an account using my personal email and subscribed. 
PS: If this post goes well and I see that you enjoy it, I will do more like it.
From the title and images you already know that the first company test is the Juleps Maven subscription box. If you have never heard of it, it's a nail polish company/subscription service that has recently to my knowledge added beauty and makeup. But we will get more into everything later.

julep 2 julep 3 julep 4 julep 5

I will be covering these points Packaging, Subscription, Product Reviews with Pros & Cons and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started!

Packaging: Your products will come in a pretty purple tone box and packaged with love. I really like the color they chose for the box and the way they package something so small is too cute. It would make a great gift for a nail polish lover and you don't have to worry about anything arriving broken/damaged.

Subscription: To subscribe all I did was went online and did the free box intro for new subscription subscribers. It was really easy to sign up and all I had to pay was the shipping fee of $3. The packed was sent to me in less than a week, I'm not even joking it was super duper fast. But since this is a subscription test out, a week later I wanted to see how easy it was to unsubscribe because let's be real maybe you didn't like the box/service, only wanted to see the box or couldn't afford it right now. It should be as easy to unsubscribe as it was too subscribe... Well it wasn't! I looked everywhere on the site to unsubscribe Intel it got to the point I had to go to the FAQ section. That is where I found the answer of only two choices and one alternative. You could skip the month between the 20th-24th. I would us that skip if I couldn't afford it that month. But if your just all done completely you have to call then to unsubscribe. That is ridiculous, and I refused to call! Because I know they would just talk my ear off and try to get me to stay. I had past experience with another subscription service trying to do that to me. So I went with the other alternative that they didn't suggest but I do and that's emailing them and that is what I did and suggest you do if you need too.

Product Review: I received four products altogether, three nail polishes and one lip gloss. Starting off with the nail polishes I really like them. The brush is the perfect size for us small nail people but still perfect for longer nails. It's a win-win with the brush. When it comes to the application one coat is enough but I always like to put two to fix up any sloppy work I created. When it comes to the packaging of the nail polish it's what I would consider fancy and realistic. It sleek enough to store about anywhere and stylish enough to look great as decoration. When it comes to ingredients they are vegan and have a 5 free formula.  My favorite is the strengthening ingredients that also lets your nails breath. I have notice that nails have been growing since wearing the polish and it's not breaking off. The other positive to these nail polishes are their lasting power. When I applied mine I didn't use a base nor a top coat. All I did was make sure my nails were free of any oil (going over the nails with nail polish remover). They lasted 1 week with the last day showing massive pillage.
 I got the colors Shelly -it girl, Vicki - classic with a twist and Flora - it girl. Out of the ones I received, I would recommend you getting Flora because this color is legit the same pretty color as the Julep Maven box and I have never seen a color like it. The other one you need is Shelly because this turquoise color is perfect for spring/summer. 
Now let's talk about the lip gloss. I received the color Graceful which is a very pretty milky pink color in the tube but don't transfer over to my lip color looking like that which is a shame since it is so pretty. It does have a doe foot wound and smells like legit pink colored Starburst. The packaging of the lip gloss is super pretty and I actually want more of them. I just hope the other colors have more of a pigment too them.

Pros- lasting power, color pigmentation, vegan, great for small nails, has good nail  benefits, worth the price
Cons- lip gloss has not pigment, can't unsubscribe by yourself 

My Final Thoughts: I really liked getting this box and for a real subscription box price of $25, it's worth every penny if your a nail polish lover. The only thing that makes me shy away is the fact that your basically kinda stuck in a subscription to say. I don't like the fact that you can sign up by yourself but you can't unsubscribe the same way. So I would really take that into consideration before signing up to the Julep Maven box.

julep 6 julep 7 julep 8 julep 9 julep 10 julep 11 julep 12 julep 13 julep 15 julep 17 julep 18 julep 19

April 17, 2015

Top Three

{cute Rilakkuma Stationary}

This week has been me contemplating on how to make Fashion Shy Child better for you my friends/readers and realistic to myself, for time and scheduling. My original plan for this you was to have a post up Monday-Friday, i did well from time to time but fell off most. Than i decided to bring Beauty Weekend back into the picture. Basically leaving me with know time for my self, family or even getting things up on time. I guess you can say i got a reality check! I'm a blogger who works a lone and not signed to any agency for help, so i had to come up with another plan and this is it!

I will be posting on here Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Saturday being Beauty Weekend. This way i can get things together, spend time with my family and we all can be on the same page. I truly love blogging and i really care about you all too. So i hope this works out and thank you all for the support and understanding

Love, Cort

PS: If you have and tips or advice they will be much appreciated.

{Schick and Skintimate testing products}


April 16, 2015

What's Your Style Label!?

What's Your Style Label
Hey fellow Shy Children!
Today i am bring you somewhat of an advice post. Its along the lines of fashion blogging, tips and my experience when it comes to style labeling people.
 I'm first going to start off with my story and how this topic all came about.

I started my blog and blogging back in 2012 with the attentions of having it be a solid fashion/style blog. We all know that, things have changed now and there are other topic and highlights that pop up on here, but my love and passion for fashion/style is still relevant. 
But since my blog has grown and there are a lot of fellow Shy Children out there and haters, the style labeling how grown a long with it. The sad part is its not just in the blogging community, it's also with companies and that is how this topic came about.

If your new to fashion blogging or blogging in general, companies will approach you. It might not happen that fast/soon but it will happen. (just to let you know because when i first started and in tell 2 years ago, i has know clue. Since i was doing this for me and not to get paid/projects). Some applications or even emails you get will label you right from the start. Like did you just look at the first picture you seen? Did you even check out my Outfit section? How about my About section where i specifically state, "My style express my personality. But for you who want to put a label to it, I'm very Urban-City-Kid"... did you even look at it? I think these are some of the thinks that can get people down from blogger or even wanting to start a blog... a long with other thinks like having to look professional in an industry where you are clearly not.

I think i have went on a bit of a rant and to not have it go any further i am going to give you some personal tips that i do/use.
  1. Be Yourself: Just because top fashion/style bloggers A,B,C and D are dressing a certain way, doesn't mean you have to do the same thing. In other words, you don't have to keep up with the Joneses! Wear, buy, act the way you always do, because to tell you the complete and honest truth, we need way more individuality inside this blogging community world.
  2. Who needs style labels?: Its completely unnecessary! If i feel like dressing a certain way...LET ME! These outfit post that go up are suppose to be taken in for inspiration purposes, not labeling.
  3. Blog what makes you happy: My blogs name is Fashion Shy Child but everything on it isn't fashion/style because i wanted to branch out and talk about other things i love. It basically goes back to the beginning of being yourself.
I hope this post helped at least some of you out and encouraged the rest of you to stop prejudging. Because i bet you have prejudged someone style/ blog and later came back across it and noticed it was something you actually enjoyed. For my friends that want to start a blog and are scared, Just Do It!

PS: If you have a blog already, leave your link in the comments section. I would love to interact with you on it and on other social outlets.

April 14, 2015

DKnight Magicbox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

dknight speaker review 1

dknight speaker review 2 dknight speaker review dknight speaker review 4

Hey Fellow Shy Children!
I got the opportunity two weeks ago to test out DKnight Magicbox Bluetooth Speakers, Out of all the speakers iv tested out (meaning one on my YouTube channel and others in my past) this is the most affordable speaker for the size and quality. 
That being said lets get into the topics, we are going to cover in this review. We are going to be going over Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons and My Final Thoughts... So lets get started!

Packaging: I love the packaging! It gets straight to the point with everything and its not one of those packages that try to sell you on the product based on its looks. It has the name of the company, product, other colors it comes in and three points on why its great. Perfect! That is all you need...great job DKnights.

Product Review: Starting off we are going to get into sound quality because everyone who has tried small speakers or knows anything about them has purchased a mini speaker expecting somewhat of good quality and has gotten suckered into junk. Well this speaker is far from past expectations! The sound quality is Amazing, even better than some highly priced speakers i have heard/tried. There is no muffling static sound and for the size, that is everything. 
When it comes to the actual functions of the speaker it has your average back, play/pause and next button but there is also a new button i have been noticing on Bluetooth speakers. That's the phone hands free button. This button allows you to talk on your phone hands free with the person you are talking too voice on the speaker. I think this is a great feature for large gatherings and parties, since the speaker can also be used outside.
These is one tiny little thing i kinda had a problem with and that was the indicator light. On the front right hand side of the speaker. There is this little light that shines different colors depending on what needs to be done. I am okay with that part! But when you connect your device and your enjoying the music this little light never goes off. So i wish the company would change that feature because at night times, its the worse. Other than that i really have no complaints. 
You can get this speaker in two other colors which are red or blue (i have black) and i think it would be a great gift to give to a music lover that wont break your bank. 

Pros- Light, Great sound quality, portable, affordable, loud
Cons- The little blue light

My Final Thoughts: Purchase it! If you need a new speaker for your desk, office, IPad for movie watching or even party's please test this one out before looking anywhere else. Its small and light but it really packs a big punch in the sound and base department. I would even recommend it for every age level because is easy to use and the instruction on operating it are straight to the point.