A Day of Experimenting

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Hey fellow Shy Children!

This weekend, mostly on Sunday i spent the day experimenting. Playing with my makeup, clothes and jewelery led me to an idea of sharing with you all my thought and feeling of the whole process. Mainly because it might come off as something easy. 
You get up, brush your teeth wash your face, might take a shower to then apply your makeup and get dress. Yeah, that's the gist of it... but there is more! 

Being a fashion blogger makes you actually think about your outfit in a way most people don't or fail to realize. I know in my head I'm always thinking, did i wear this piece before? How did i style it? How can i match something else with it to make it different and fresh? Thinking like this can have a toll on you, But realistically speaking, i am not going to go out shopping every week to buy a whole new wardrobe. So i work with what i have that the time and make to work.

When it comes to picking out jewelry pieces and applying makeup, i kinda just do whatever...LOL! That not even a joke! I'm really a kid playing in her mothers stuff. But it works for me and i come up with the best "put together" that way. I even came up with a makeup look, that is so light it would work great for these upcoming hot months. You will see it this weekend.

I hope this encouraged you to experiment with the things you already own. Who knows what you might come up with and you might even surprise yourself.

So this leads me to a question for you. How do you experiment in the area you love?

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