Body Merry's Retinol Surge Moisturizer Review

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Hey fellow Shy Children!
You all know by now how interested i am in tying out beauty products, so when contacted to test out this Retinol Surge Moisturizer i had to say, yes! Mainly because i have oily combination skin and a lot of moisturizers that state they work for all skin types, really don't work for us. So if you are interested in reading what i have to say about this Body Merry Retinol Surge Moisturizer then keep reading.
In this review i will be covering these aspects: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons and My final Thoughts...Lets get started!
Packaging: The packaging is very basic but it does get straight to the point with what the product has in it. I also like the clarity of the name in big writing and circled. When you take off the cap you will notice a stopper thing where the product is suppose to come out. I really like that feature and i always put that stopper thing back in when i am done using the product.

Product Review: At first being completely honest i thought this was going to be an average moisturizer that maybe has a soothing effect to pretend like it was doing something and boy was i wrong! I use this product at night after my face washing routine. So i wash my face with a face wash, then i add a mask (some nights), tone and at the end add the moisturizer. With this moisturizer a little goes a long ways. Its kinda thick and super hydrating, so hydrating in the morning when you wake up your face will still feel fresh and hydrated. For this month of usage i have notice my pores shrinking when in use and my skin looking bright and healthy. There has also been a change in the dark spot i have on my face. It had lighted up a lot and really looks like its trying to go away...I really think i am in love. 
But don't get me wrong i still love my other favorite moisturizer and this is why. I cant use this Retinol Surge Moisturizer in the morning! I tested it out once and when i did it completely back fired on me. I have oily combination skin and when wearing this in the morning/ going out side in the sun it just made my skin super oily and kinda irritated. Its probably because i have sensitive skin and with the retinol content messed things up. That's why i still love my other moisturizer too because i can wear that in the morning and this one at night. Back to when i said you only need a little bit of this product, I'm telling you i barley put a dint in it. So for the price i will say its worth every penny. 
Pros- Hydrating, shrinks large pores, brightens, little goes along ways

Cons- Not for Daytime use

My Final Thoughts: I would highly recommend you all to try this product out if your looking for a new night cream. The price is a tad big high when looking at it, but for all of its benefits, the way it has worked for me and the fact that a little bit goes a long ways... its worth EVERY penny. I do have to say, if you have sensitive skin please don't test this product in the day time with sun exposure and make sure to always read the ingredients to see if there is anything you know you are allergic too. Other than that, i hope you give this product a chance and experience all the benefits i have been enjoying.

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