fitness letter 2

We have now hit April, the fourth month within the year. This is the month that a lot of people fall of the fitness bandwagon, if they haven't done so already. Its a sad thing, but it can always be fixed by getting up and starting over again. But this time do it right and make a realistic plan or even change things that didn't work the first time for you. From experience i have fallen off the bandwagon a little bit myself, kinda like half way off though. 

If you didn't see from social media, i was on the low-carb diet. Watching my carb intake by not drinking juice or sodas and not eating breads, pastas or grains. I basically ate a lot of low sugar vegetables and fruits and substituted my rice for quinoa. To a huge percentage of you, this might sound very dramatic but it worked for me and i actually was enjoying it. I felt myself loosing weight and having way more energy without feeling tired by 3 in the afternoon. But one of my biggest weaknesses got to me, that being potatoes! One day for lunch i decided i would have just one potato with broccoli on the side. It sounds very innocent but having that one potato made me mess up my whole low-carb diet, that i was really seeing to become a nice lifestyle. 

But i am not giving up! With this time off of the low-carb diet i still watch my sugar intake, eat in moderation and exercise everyday. I also just added some all natural Super Weight Loss Supplements by Petite Plus to my life and we will see how that goes. I am not a huge fan of weight loss pills but since these ones are all natural and i can read all of the ingredients (there is only 5) i feel pretty safe. 
I would also like to add protein power, weights and possible a scale. When i was on my last fitness journey and lost 60 pounds, Protein Powder and a Scale was like the best things ever! I used Aria woman's Protein in Chocolate and its from the the makers of Designer Whey. The scale was just a glass one i found on sale at Walgreen's for like $10. But i got to make sure i was on track and not gaining weight. So wold lie to get those back into my life or try something new a long those lines. I did make a little subscription to to get the Calorie Count Box which gives you quality snacks all under 150 Calories. If you would like to check out Graze for yourself you can get your FIRST BOX FREE!

So i think that is everything i need to talk about in this fitness letter. I am still using the fitness apps i shared with you all, so if you haven't seen make sure to check it out. 
Last but not least make sure to keep pushing and remember we are in this together. I use #FashionshychildHealth on social media when i am talking about anything health related. 

"Stay Strong and Motivated"
- Cortney

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