#DearMe: A Message to Young Cort


Dear young Cort,

This is your future self to give you some words of wisdom and let you know that everything is going to be okay. I know your going through a hard time right now dealing with bullies, getting rejected by fellow peer for being different and even getting told that the arts will take you know where. But I'm hear to tell you, all of those thinks other people say, do and tell you doesn't matter at all. 

Your going to grow up, realize and see that those people that bullied you and made you feel less of a person for being taller, having a bad eye and big boob actually really wanted to be just like you and tried even harder later to get your attention and want to be your friend.

For the fellow peer that rejected you because you are more of a tom boy than a girly girl are going to see that playing video games isn't just a boys thing and its actually really cool. But you know what is also really cool and makes you different than everyone else, is your eye. Right now people might act like you are not looking at them or even make fun or question you about it. But you are going to grow up, except that its like that and know one is really going to care anymore.

When it comes to the arts Cort, your actually really good at it, but you already know that. Your going to get to High School take every art class possible... even if you dont need the credits. Graduate with the acceptance of going the the best art school you always dreamed about going too. 

But you know what tops it all off? You always believed and stuck with what you loved, know matter what anyone said or did. You have people looking up to you know, other shy kids that are just trying to find there way in this world. You are an inspiration to many and a kind heart. Stay strong young Cort.

With much love, 
Future Cort

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