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Hey Fellow Shy Children!
I got the opportunity two weeks ago to test out DKnight Magicbox Bluetooth Speakers, Out of all the speakers iv tested out (meaning one on my YouTube channel and others in my past) this is the most affordable speaker for the size and quality. 
That being said lets get into the topics, we are going to cover in this review. We are going to be going over Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons and My Final Thoughts... So lets get started!

Packaging: I love the packaging! It gets straight to the point with everything and its not one of those packages that try to sell you on the product based on its looks. It has the name of the company, product, other colors it comes in and three points on why its great. Perfect! That is all you need...great job DKnights.

Product Review: Starting off we are going to get into sound quality because everyone who has tried small speakers or knows anything about them has purchased a mini speaker expecting somewhat of good quality and has gotten suckered into junk. Well this speaker is far from past expectations! The sound quality is Amazing, even better than some highly priced speakers i have heard/tried. There is no muffling static sound and for the size, that is everything. 
When it comes to the actual functions of the speaker it has your average back, play/pause and next button but there is also a new button i have been noticing on Bluetooth speakers. That's the phone hands free button. This button allows you to talk on your phone hands free with the person you are talking too voice on the speaker. I think this is a great feature for large gatherings and parties, since the speaker can also be used outside.
These is one tiny little thing i kinda had a problem with and that was the indicator light. On the front right hand side of the speaker. There is this little light that shines different colors depending on what needs to be done. I am okay with that part! But when you connect your device and your enjoying the music this little light never goes off. So i wish the company would change that feature because at night times, its the worse. Other than that i really have no complaints. 
You can get this speaker in two other colors which are red or blue (i have black) and i think it would be a great gift to give to a music lover that wont break your bank. 

Pros- Light, Great sound quality, portable, affordable, loud
Cons- The little blue light

My Final Thoughts: Purchase it! If you need a new speaker for your desk, office, IPad for movie watching or even party's please test this one out before looking anywhere else. Its small and light but it really packs a big punch in the sound and base department. I would even recommend it for every age level because is easy to use and the instruction on operating it are straight to the point. 

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