Dreaming of Coachella

dreaming of coachella 7
Cardigan: Forever21 | Top: Torrid | Shorts: Forever21 | Sandals: Torrid | Sunglasses: AJ Morgan

Been dreaming about Coachella the whole weekend! My Boyfriend even found the live event on YouTube so i could watch it and feel like i was there. Because every year i tell myself i will find a way and plan to go... like for real Cortney its only in Southern California! But it always become a distance dream, to the point its now on my bucket list.
Anyways i decided to wear this outfit because it's something i would wear to Coachella and since this week isn't the last, there is still this coming weekend i hope it inspires you.

PS: love you all and if you got to go to Coachella, what would you wear? (if you went this year i would love to see pictures)

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photos by Eric

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