Green With Envy

green with envy 2
Jacket: Forever21 | Top: Ross | Jeans: Target | Shoes: Nike Dunk Sky Hi (similar)| Sunglasses: Target | Bracelets: Aldos (similar)| Ring: Forever21 | Other Accessories:

For the past couple of day the weather here in the San Joaquin Valley has been so off. I wake up every morning with the first think being to check my weather app. Sometime i think its completely pointless, since that thing changes all the time. It can go from saying a high of 76 degrees to saying 88 in 5 min. and next thing, you look out side and it raining out of know wear.
When it comes to me getting dress, i have been pairing a cardigan or mini jacket with every outfit. That way if it does go from super hot to windy, i can be prepared.
I love this utility jacket i purchased at forever21 in the plus size section. It's such a statement piece and subtle at the same time and who would have know, it matches my Nike Dunk Sky Hi's so well.
PS: How is the weather like where you stay?

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photos by Eric

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