Happy Earth Day

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When i lived back home with my mom and my siblings, Earth Day was always a big deal for us. My mom would treat it as any other major holiday and go all out with it. If i would compare it to a holiday you are familiar with, it was like Thanksgiving. I know that might seem kind of weired, but it was. She would put the nice white fancy table cloth on the table, buy colorful flowers for center piece and come up with as many as she could, fresh fruit and vegetable dishes for us to have. It was always amazing and special and i actually really miss it.

Therefor today in honor of Earth Day and my lovely moms tradition of celebrating it, (probably to the extreme) i decided to go out around my neighborhood and do what i do best... Take lovely pictures for you all to enjoy!

I hope you all have a great Earth Day and actually reflect on what makes this planet great.

With love, Cort

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photos by Me

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