Julep Maven Unboxing and Review

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Happy Beauty Weekend!
So let me introduce to you this weekends beauty post. I decided to do something different and randomly select a beauty subscription service to test out. I did not tell the company I was doing this, so the word "blogger" was left out altogether. I didn't want any special privileges! Due to the fact, I wanted to have the full experience as a regular person going to test out a service. So I made an account using my personal email and subscribed. 
PS: If this post goes well and I see that you enjoy it, I will do more like it.
From the title and images you already know that the first company test is the Juleps Maven subscription box. If you have never heard of it, it's a nail polish company/subscription service that has recently to my knowledge added beauty and makeup. But we will get more into everything later.

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I will be covering these points Packaging, Subscription, Product Reviews with Pros & Cons and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started!

Packaging: Your products will come in a pretty purple tone box and packaged with love. I really like the color they chose for the box and the way they package something so small is too cute. It would make a great gift for a nail polish lover and you don't have to worry about anything arriving broken/damaged.

Subscription: To subscribe all I did was went online and did the free box intro for new subscription subscribers. It was really easy to sign up and all I had to pay was the shipping fee of $3. The packed was sent to me in less than a week, I'm not even joking it was super duper fast. But since this is a subscription test out, a week later I wanted to see how easy it was to unsubscribe because let's be real maybe you didn't like the box/service, only wanted to see the box or couldn't afford it right now. It should be as easy to unsubscribe as it was too subscribe... Well it wasn't! I looked everywhere on the site to unsubscribe Intel it got to the point I had to go to the FAQ section. That is where I found the answer of only two choices and one alternative. You could skip the month between the 20th-24th. I would us that skip if I couldn't afford it that month. But if your just all done completely you have to call then to unsubscribe. That is ridiculous, and I refused to call! Because I know they would just talk my ear off and try to get me to stay. I had past experience with another subscription service trying to do that to me. So I went with the other alternative that they didn't suggest but I do and that's emailing them and that is what I did and suggest you do if you need too.

Product Review: I received four products altogether, three nail polishes and one lip gloss. Starting off with the nail polishes I really like them. The brush is the perfect size for us small nail people but still perfect for longer nails. It's a win-win with the brush. When it comes to the application one coat is enough but I always like to put two to fix up any sloppy work I created. When it comes to the packaging of the nail polish it's what I would consider fancy and realistic. It sleek enough to store about anywhere and stylish enough to look great as decoration. When it comes to ingredients they are vegan and have a 5 free formula.  My favorite is the strengthening ingredients that also lets your nails breath. I have notice that nails have been growing since wearing the polish and it's not breaking off. The other positive to these nail polishes are their lasting power. When I applied mine I didn't use a base nor a top coat. All I did was make sure my nails were free of any oil (going over the nails with nail polish remover). They lasted 1 week with the last day showing massive pillage.
 I got the colors Shelly -it girl, Vicki - classic with a twist and Flora - it girl. Out of the ones I received, I would recommend you getting Flora because this color is legit the same pretty color as the Julep Maven box and I have never seen a color like it. The other one you need is Shelly because this turquoise color is perfect for spring/summer. 
Now let's talk about the lip gloss. I received the color Graceful which is a very pretty milky pink color in the tube but don't transfer over to my lip color looking like that which is a shame since it is so pretty. It does have a doe foot wound and smells like legit pink colored Starburst. The packaging of the lip gloss is super pretty and I actually want more of them. I just hope the other colors have more of a pigment too them.

Pros- lasting power, color pigmentation, vegan, great for small nails, has good nail  benefits, worth the price
Cons- lip gloss has not pigment, can't unsubscribe by yourself 

My Final Thoughts: I really liked getting this box and for a real subscription box price of $25, it's worth every penny if your a nail polish lover. The only thing that makes me shy away is the fact that your basically kinda stuck in a subscription to say. I don't like the fact that you can sign up by yourself but you can't unsubscribe the same way. So I would really take that into consideration before signing up to the Julep Maven box.

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