My Date Night Essentials

date night essentials
Hey my fellow Shy Children!
With the weather feeling like spring and the sun always shinning, outside adventure date nights have sprung back up. That includes going to the movies, art museums, walking around downtown to testing out new restaurants or even going down the street to a neighbours house. All in all, it requires me to pack light but still try to bring any essentials i might need. This can be hard if you are a girl like me, who loves picking out the biggest purse i own because i know a lot of stuff will fit. But sometimes you really have to be true with yourself and ask, "is all of this stuff really necessary"? Let me tell you! You will find out more than half of the stuff you packed, wouldn't have gotten touched or even used.

So today i am going to walk you though my list of Date Night Essentials and i promise you, this is basically the only things you will need.

PS: This packing list can be a guide for way more activities like Prom, Festivals, Grocery Shopping or even as a plane carry one. Let your imagination wonder! In the comment section let me know what stuff you pack as Date Night Essentials?

Sunglasses- I try to make it a habit know matter what time of day it is to bring my sunglasses. Because protesting your eyes is very important. But i actually bring them because sometimes date night starts at 4pm and the sun is still out tell like 7.
Metal Aviator Sunglasses - Gold

Cell Phone- For incoming or outgoing calls! But most importantly to stay in contact with you all via social media. It also takes the place of a camera, since there is a pretty good one built in.
Cell phone case

Identification & Money- Always, Always...ALWAYS!!! Bring your identification card with you. They ask for it ever where and its just something you need to have with you as a responsible adult. For money i like to use a bank card, it super easy and it takes up less room...Safety reasons too!

Business Cards- You never know who you are going to meet or run into, so having business cards as a blogger is a big thing for me. PS: Would you like a post on Business Cards?

Loose Change- I'm a city child, so knowing to have loose change just comes to me naturally. But basically its for parking meters, toilet use, toy machines... things like that. 

Keys- I have gotten in the habit of forgetting to bring my house keys. I don't know how this happened, since iv been caring house keys since Elementary School but it needs to be fixed! But if you do see a tweet that says, "I'm locked out of my house" you will know why.

Oil Blotting Sheets- I have oily combination skin, so the oil will rise. The Mai Couture Salicylic & Blemish Control ones are my favorite! They are great at picking up oil without breaking and it doesn't take my makeup off.

Hair Clips- I can never keep up with hair pins so hair clips are my thing. My said fringe or bangs get in the way sometimes so clipping them back really helps.

Hand Cream- I have the driest hands in the world! Okay, that was kind of dramatic but they get really dry and i think this is the reason my nails have a hard time growing. So keeping hand cream is important because know one wants to walk around with dry hands.
Nivea Body Creme Tin

Mirror- To have on hand for face close ups. Like to apply more lipstick, check my teeth for food or lipstick... things like that.

Cotton Swabs- They always come in handy and can be used for many things. For fixing makeup or getting lashes out of my eye. 

Lip Gloss & Lipstick- I'm always going to be wearing one or the other and having the one i am wearing with me that day is essential. You always have to touch these back up

Panty Liner & Tampon- When you are a girl that time of the month can come unexpectedly. So being prepared is the best part to staying comfortable and confident. I like to carry a tampon for those unexpected days and really in general. My favorite is U by Kotex Click
The panty liner for me is really just to stay fresh, it gets really hot out here and know one wants to feel like they peed on them selves. My favorite is Carefree acti-fresh body shape in unscented! #FreshisFierce

Perfume- Roller ball perfumes are the best things to travel with. They are small and compact, so your able to apply your perfume anywhere. I personally like to wear Rebelle by Rihanna on date nights because it has that classy night time smell.

Breath Strips- I pick probably the worst breath smelling foods to eat. Mainly because i love garlic and onion and they are just not sexy breath seasonings. So packing the listerine fresh burst pocketpaks is the way to go. Minty fresh fresh For real!

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  1. Oil blotting papers AND listerine strips are ALWAYS in my purse. Seriously can't live without them. xo
    Suma // The Fashion Beauty Junkie

    1. I would love for you to do a post like this hun :)


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