My Most Worn Shoes

most worn shoes
Hey my fellow shy children!
Looking at my Outfit post or even seeing me on social media, you might have noticed i have favorite shoes. I'm the type of person that if i love a piece of clothing i will keep on wearing it. In this case, I'm sharing with you My Most Worn Shoes. 
These three pairs of shoes have been featured in a blog post more than 6 times and out of all those times i still get questions about them. Like whats the brand, are the comfortable and do they come in any other colors.
So today I'm hear to share with you all the information you have been dying to know... Lets get started!

1. Nike Dunk Sky Hi (olive)
most worn shoes 1
2. Coach Flats
most worn shoes 2
3. Apple BottomBiner canvas sneakermost worn shoes 3

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