Shimmering Night

Happy Beauty Weekend!

I announced the winning Beauty Weekend topic on Twitter this Friday. If you didn't see the post, makeup look using glitter won. 
So today i am going to bring to you a makeup look that is so shimmery and elegant, you are going to be surprised how wearable it is. Because lets be honest, this time of year is parties and events all night long, so we have to look our best and be prepared at the same times.
But for now lets get into this easy makeup look!

1. Taking an eye primer of your choice (I'm using e.l.f. eyelid primer) prime your eye lids.

2. With e.l.f. essential Smudge Pot in Ain't That Sweet and your finger, apply this product all over your eyelid. (if you get into the crease that is fine. This is just another kind of base)

3. Now we are going to be using POP beauty eye shadow trio in Naturally Bare. The first color in the trio is going to be placed on the inner tear duct area as a highlight. The middle color is going to go in your crease and the last color will go in your outer corner (make sure to blend and use any brush you like...i prefer a blending brush)

4. Taking Victoria's Secrets VS Silky Eye Shadow Duo in All Yours, the first color is going to go on the inner tear duct area as a highlight over the last color we placed there. The last color is going to go all over the eye lids. (its okay if its not bright or perfect as you would like, we will be placing shimmer over it.)

5. The last eye shadow we are going to be using is Hard Candy Single and loving it in Night Out. This color is very harsh and bold since it is a black, so with crease or eye shadow brush focus this color in the outer corner of the crease. Once you have the amount you like these take a clean blending brush and Blend, Blend, Blend!

6. NYX Roll On Shimmer in Light Blue is going to be the first shimmer we are going to use in this tutorial. All you have to do is take the cap off and roll this color on your lids. (try to stay focusing in the middle because its super easy to get in the outer corner) once you have the perfect blue color take your finger and spread it out to distribute the product evenly.

7. Now taking L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose eye shadow in lollipop, we are going to use a lip or crease brush to place this shimmer on your eyelids too. (This stuff is super messy and the brush it comes with sucks) Try to stay in the center of the lids without going far out onto the outer crease.

8. Going to do the same thing as step 7 but using L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose eye shadow in Sunshine. Also go back in with the light pink,purple and black eye shadow and place them on the bottom part of the eye.
glitter end
9. Not its time to finish off everything else! I lined my top and bottom lash line with Rimmel London Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. Then i used Urban Decay's Perversion Mascara a long with COVERGIRL's Full Lash Bloom Mascara on top (to both the top and bottom lashes). I highlighted my face with Wet n Wilds Ticket to Brazil Bronzer and used Kleancolor's Blush in Gypsy. Last but not lease i lined my lips with Wet n Wild's Chestnut Lip Liner and applied Victoria's Secret Heidi Klum perfect lipstick in Exotic Spice (this lipstick was limited edition). 

We are all done! If you are interested in the products i used to prep my face before this tutorial, make sure to watch My Face Makeup Routine over on my YouTube channel.
PS: I am so wearing this look on a date night :)

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