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{Fruit Infused Water}

Hello my fellow Shy Children!

We have hit the end of the work week once again, but we all know my job is never done. But sharing fun topics and my personal life with you all is a complete blast and i couldn't have asked for anything better. 
Last week or so i ordered a Julep Maven box, so i could test it out and show/tell you all my thoughts on it. Well this week the box came! I have already taken some lovely pictures and today i think i will test out the products for you all. So this coming week, expect to see a post all about it! But if you just cant wait, test out Julep for yourself with a FREE Box. :)
Other than that great news i have been drinking lots of water of course and even adding fruit to spruce it up a bit. It has been helping with these hot days and i think i am going to miss the cold weather.
Last but not least, if everything goes as planned expect to see my Gaming blog up and live soon. I cant wait to share my other passion with you all!

{Julep Maven Box}

{Nature Picture for Spring}

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