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This week has been me contemplating on how to make Fashion Shy Child better for you my friends/readers and realistic to myself, for time and scheduling. My original plan for this you was to have a post up Monday-Friday, i did well from time to time but fell off most. Than i decided to bring Beauty Weekend back into the picture. Basically leaving me with know time for my self, family or even getting things up on time. I guess you can say i got a reality check! I'm a blogger who works a lone and not signed to any agency for help, so i had to come up with another plan and this is it!

I will be posting on here Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Saturday being Beauty Weekend. This way i can get things together, spend time with my family and we all can be on the same page. I truly love blogging and i really care about you all too. So i hope this works out and thank you all for the support and understanding

Love, Cort

PS: If you have and tips or advice they will be much appreciated.

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