Top Three

{My moms Birthday card}

For some reason, my Top Thee things from last week didn't go up as planned. But since this week was such a big blur I will share with you all what happens last week. 
On April 20th it was my moms birthday and since I live 2 1/2 hours away I decided it would be a nice idea to at least  send a card. It's not a lot, but she's not a big on getting gift, so it was the next best thing. I also had a chance to clean my closet and my makeup chest. When your a hug makeup lover, having a lot of makeup is never enough but realistically thinking, it can get overwhelming... especially when it's time to clean it up and out. While doing this, I found so many samples that need to be tested out, for my own pleasure. But other than that the week was great and I can't wait to share with you all what May will bring. See you next post! ❤️

{Samples Everywhere}

{Organized makeup chest}

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