What's Your Style Label!?

What's Your Style Label
Hey fellow Shy Children!
Today i am bring you somewhat of an advice post. Its along the lines of fashion blogging, tips and my experience when it comes to style labeling people.
 I'm first going to start off with my story and how this topic all came about.

I started my blog and blogging back in 2012 with the attentions of having it be a solid fashion/style blog. We all know that, things have changed now and there are other topic and highlights that pop up on here, but my love and passion for fashion/style is still relevant. 
But since my blog has grown and there are a lot of fellow Shy Children out there and haters, the style labeling how grown a long with it. The sad part is its not just in the blogging community, it's also with companies and that is how this topic came about.

If your new to fashion blogging or blogging in general, companies will approach you. It might not happen that fast/soon but it will happen. (just to let you know because when i first started and in tell 2 years ago, i has know clue. Since i was doing this for me and not to get paid/projects). Some applications or even emails you get will label you right from the start. Like did you just look at the first picture you seen? Did you even check out my Outfit section? How about my About section where i specifically state, "My style express my personality. But for you who want to put a label to it, I'm very Urban-City-Kid"... did you even look at it? I think these are some of the thinks that can get people down from blogger or even wanting to start a blog... a long with other thinks like having to look professional in an industry where you are clearly not.

I think i have went on a bit of a rant and to not have it go any further i am going to give you some personal tips that i do/use.
  1. Be Yourself: Just because top fashion/style bloggers A,B,C and D are dressing a certain way, doesn't mean you have to do the same thing. In other words, you don't have to keep up with the Joneses! Wear, buy, act the way you always do, because to tell you the complete and honest truth, we need way more individuality inside this blogging community world.
  2. Who needs style labels?: Its completely unnecessary! If i feel like dressing a certain way...LET ME! These outfit post that go up are suppose to be taken in for inspiration purposes, not labeling.
  3. Blog what makes you happy: My blogs name is Fashion Shy Child but everything on it isn't fashion/style because i wanted to branch out and talk about other things i love. It basically goes back to the beginning of being yourself.
I hope this post helped at least some of you out and encouraged the rest of you to stop prejudging. Because i bet you have prejudged someone style/ blog and later came back across it and noticed it was something you actually enjoyed. For my friends that want to start a blog and are scared, Just Do It!

PS: If you have a blog already, leave your link in the comments section. I would love to interact with you on it and on other social outlets.

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