FashionShyChild : May 2015

May 29, 2015

Top Three

{Tess Holiday on the cover of People Magazine}

This week has been everywhere for me but I like to look at it in a positive light. I decided last week that I was going to try something new for my blog post planning  and that's planning way in advanced... Like the whole month so I can have a since of an idea for what I would like to go up. So everything on that note should be good. 
The next thing is every store I go into, that has magazines... I see Tess Holiday... OMG I love her so much! I have been following her on Instagram for a hot minute now and I am so proud of how far she has came. It's great to see this world and the fashion industry in general except a plus size beauty. It shows change and I can't wait for it to blossom more.
Last but not least, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to smile because life is way to short not to be happy.

I love you all,

{Sidewalk Chalk Art}

{My new Apple Watch}

May 25, 2015

Quote Monday

Memorial Day isn't just about honoring veterans, its honoring those who lost their lives. Veterans had the fortune of coming home. For us, that's a reminder of when we come home we still have a responsibility to serve. It's a continuation of service that honors our country and those who fell defending it.

- Pete Hegseth

May 23, 2015

EMPTIES! Products I've Used Up

Happy Beauty Weekend my fellow Shy Children!
This weekend i am sharing with you all of the products i have used up. I am also taking any questions you may have for me. They can be regarding my life, blogging, future and anything else. So make sure to leave your questions in the comment section or on this YouTube video.
Love ya and have a great weekend!

Websites Mentioned:
Gaming Blog

Gaming Youtube

Adovia Moisturizing Day Cream

Foxbrim 100% Pure Rosehip Seed oil Review
Products Mentioned:
YES to grape fruit correct & repair brightening facial towelettes
up&up Woman's Shaving Gel Strawberry Tangerine
Degree Motion Sense deterrent Fresh Energy 
*Pantene Pro-V Serum with Argan Oil
Karma eyelashes 100% human hair #48
Olay oil minimizing and toner with witch hazel
*Crest pro health advanced toothpaste
*Adovis mineral skin care Moisturizing Day Cream
Maybellie FIT me! powder 355 Coconut
Maybelline FIT me! Concealer 35 Deep
E.L.F. Poreless Face Primer
Revlon Nearly naked powder 040 medium/deep
em by Michelle Phan Lash Gallery mascara
Urban Decay Perversion mascara
benefit They're Real mascara
Loreal Paris Voluminous original mascara
kiss 24 hours lash glue
Pacifica coconut crush peal bronzing body butter in Sun Kissed
*Foxbrim 100% Pure Rosehip Seed oil
*Insta Natural 100% pure Emu Oil

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Thanks for watching!

- Cort

May 18, 2015

Chive On

chive on 1
Shirt: | Jeans: Target | Slippers: Sears | Bracelets: Aldos | Sunglasses : Target
If you were ever wondering what i look like on a basic "stay at home" day, here you go! 
I love everything laid back and really, "i woke up like this" in a good way. Over sized T-shirt are basically life... but when you have one with one of your favorite websites on it... it becomes golden! To put the cherry on this lovely convo. we are having, this shirt is always sold out, so good luck charms getting one.
Other than that you have to say, my outfit is dope... #FrogSlippers all day!
Check out its a great site if you like funny videos/photos or need something to entertain your friends.
PS: What is your favorite "Stay at Home" Outfit?
chive on 5 chive on 6 chive on 8 chive on 3 chive on 2 chive on 4 chive on 9 photos by Eric


Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
- Albert Schweitzer

May 13, 2015


This song by Jordin Sparks ft. 2 Chainz "Double Tap" is so relatable. It's probably  my get it gurl anthem of the season.
Listen HERE 

May 11, 2015

Flash Back in Time

 Top: Forever21 | Shorts: Forever21 | Sandals: Torrid | Sunglasses: AJ Morgan | Earrings: | Necklace: c/o

This post was inspired by my love for the 60's & 70's and a Netflix movie i watch called, "JIMI All is By My Side". That actually really sucked and didn't get into any good details about Jimi Hendrix
and his legacy. So basically don't waste your time watching that! But it got me thinking that i should do a post inspired by it and its the perfect season for it, so why not!

My top is from forever21's plus size section and can you believe my mom picked this out for me! Yep, she really knows my style. My shorts had better days but i am so attached that i cant let them go. My sandals are from Torrid and if there is anything i recommend to you and you didn't take the advice please take this... if you have big feet like me (I'm a size 11) Torrid is the best place to get shoes, hands down.

Quote Monday

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
- Jimi Hendrix

May 9, 2015

My Spring/Summer 2015 Every Day Makeup Look

Products Used:
L'Occitan Comfort Cream 
E.l.f. Poreless face primer 
E.l.f. Eyebrow Lift & Fill
Rimmel London waterproof Gel Eyeliner
Covergirl full lash bloom
MAC Studio Fix NW48
Hard Candy so backed bronzer 130 tropics
NYX blush Rose Garden
MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass forever rose
Wet n Wild coloricon lip pencil 711 Chestnut

spring summer 2015 spring summer 2015 1 spring summer 2015 2

May 8, 2015

Top Three

{I'm on Snapchat}

This week I have literally been taking chances and I think that was one of my New Years Goals... If I'm not mistaken. I started this week off by having my new gaming blog go live. If you haven't been over there I really hope you go and check it out. It's a sister site to here Fashion Shy Child but since gaming didn't fit with the them on here, I basically made a new page.

Next I received some cool new hair products for use textured haired gals and boys. It's from Head & Shoulders new line of Moisture care products. I'm really excited to try these out because I have never been a real big fan of Head & Shoulders. So if these products work well for me, that will be great.

Last but not least I finally made a Snapchat. I wasn't going to but for some reason a lot of you have been asking if I have one... So I made one. I really dont get the point of it and I'm still learning how to use it, make the process very interesting. But it's probable a good thing, since you can see more of my personality and what I'm doing.

PS: Beauty Weekend is tomorrow! Make sure you stop by and say hello :)

{Head & Shoulders new Moisture Care Line for Textured Hair}

{My new blog GamingShyChild}

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

mother's day gift ideas 2015
  1. Beautiful Bow Gift Set in Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea
  2. 14k Name Necklace with Diamonds
  3. kitchenaid Artisan Mixer
  4. M.o.t.h.e.r Framed Print
  5. hp roar plus wireless bluetooth speaker
  6. Samsung Galaxy tab 4
  7. Coach Swagger Bag
  8. Bloom Daily Planners 2015

My April 2015 Favorites

Hard Candy so backed bronzer in Tropics
Julep nail polishes in Flora and Shelly 
L'Occitane light comforting Cream
*Schick Hydro Silk shaver
*Skintimate SkinTherapy lotionized shaving cream
Alo Allure Mangosteen + Mango
Aviator Sunglasses from target (Men Section)
Cardigan from Forever21 (plus size section)

PS: I now have a SnapChat... Add me! Fashionshychild
My gaming blog GamingShyChild has went live!

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Thanks for watching!

- Cort


May 6, 2015


Another month equals a new fitness letter from yours truly... Me! I hope you all have been doing well on your fitness/healthy lifestyle journeys. I know at times it might seem so hard, to the point of being completely impossible but you are all stronger than that and so am I.

This month let's focus on baby steps. Pick something you are addicted to and you know it's bad for you and let's take the baby steps to change it. Meaning lets say you are an advanced soda drinker and you drink like 6 sodas a day. Well in your baby steps goal cut that down to 4 and then down to 2 and making your goal final be 1 in tell your really to finally wing off of it and switch to flavored water.

With myself in the past I was a huge juice drinker and I would drink juice everyday all day. Leading to juice being my main weight accumulation and not food. I changed that habit by having flavored water (the sweet one) to now drinking iced water with cut up lemons in it and I'm completely satisfied.

One another not, when it comes to food, you have to be the one to cook your meals. This way you know what exactly is going into your food and how much. I enjoy cooking so this isn't a problem for me and I am actually picky on how my food taste and is prepared. 
One thing I have been completely enjoying is sautéed fresh peppers. I cut this long, put them in a skillet with a little olive oil and cook them up (not being to soft because I like them kinda crunchy) give it a try and I'm sure you will enjoy!

PS: let me know your baby steps you will be taking this month and also what dishes/ side dishes you have been enjoying.
Also did you sign up to Graze to get your FREE box? If not, here is the link so you can <3

May 4, 2015

Tiffany Blue

tiffany blue 6
Top: Nike from Footlocker | Jeans: Target | Shoes: "Skye" Justfab | Sunglasses: Target | Lipstick: Revlon Wink for Pink

There is nothing better than a mint blue color on clothing, especially around this time of year because it just screams Spring Time. My top and shoes match unexpectedly and i just realized it while picking out an outfit to wear. 
You have seen my wedged shoes before HERE all i did was change out the shoelaces, with these Tiffany blue ones that actually came with the shoes as a extra pair.
As a side note since my shirt says, "Can't Stop My Shoe Game" my Gaming blog launched today and i would love for you all to check it out!

tiffany blue 4 tiffany blue 2 tiffany blue 9 tiffany blue 5 tiffany blue 3 tiffany blue 7 tiffany blue 8

Quote Monday

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
- Mark Twain

May 1, 2015

Top Three

{My moms Birthday card}

For some reason, my Top Thee things from last week didn't go up as planned. But since this week was such a big blur I will share with you all what happens last week. 
On April 20th it was my moms birthday and since I live 2 1/2 hours away I decided it would be a nice idea to at least  send a card. It's not a lot, but she's not a big on getting gift, so it was the next best thing. I also had a chance to clean my closet and my makeup chest. When your a hug makeup lover, having a lot of makeup is never enough but realistically thinking, it can get overwhelming... especially when it's time to clean it up and out. While doing this, I found so many samples that need to be tested out, for my own pleasure. But other than that the week was great and I can't wait to share with you all what May will bring. See you next post! ❤️

{Samples Everywhere}

{Organized makeup chest}