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Shirt: | Jeans: Target | Slippers: Sears | Bracelets: Aldos | Sunglasses : Target
If you were ever wondering what i look like on a basic "stay at home" day, here you go! 
I love everything laid back and really, "i woke up like this" in a good way. Over sized T-shirt are basically life... but when you have one with one of your favorite websites on it... it becomes golden! To put the cherry on this lovely convo. we are having, this shirt is always sold out, so good luck charms getting one.
Other than that you have to say, my outfit is dope... #FrogSlippers all day!
Check out its a great site if you like funny videos/photos or need something to entertain your friends.
PS: What is your favorite "Stay at Home" Outfit?
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