Another month equals a new fitness letter from yours truly... Me! I hope you all have been doing well on your fitness/healthy lifestyle journeys. I know at times it might seem so hard, to the point of being completely impossible but you are all stronger than that and so am I.

This month let's focus on baby steps. Pick something you are addicted to and you know it's bad for you and let's take the baby steps to change it. Meaning lets say you are an advanced soda drinker and you drink like 6 sodas a day. Well in your baby steps goal cut that down to 4 and then down to 2 and making your goal final be 1 in tell your really to finally wing off of it and switch to flavored water.

With myself in the past I was a huge juice drinker and I would drink juice everyday all day. Leading to juice being my main weight accumulation and not food. I changed that habit by having flavored water (the sweet one) to now drinking iced water with cut up lemons in it and I'm completely satisfied.

One another not, when it comes to food, you have to be the one to cook your meals. This way you know what exactly is going into your food and how much. I enjoy cooking so this isn't a problem for me and I am actually picky on how my food taste and is prepared. 
One thing I have been completely enjoying is sautéed fresh peppers. I cut this long, put them in a skillet with a little olive oil and cook them up (not being to soft because I like them kinda crunchy) give it a try and I'm sure you will enjoy!

PS: let me know your baby steps you will be taking this month and also what dishes/ side dishes you have been enjoying.
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