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This week I have literally been taking chances and I think that was one of my New Years Goals... If I'm not mistaken. I started this week off by having my new gaming blog go live. If you haven't been over there I really hope you go and check it out. It's a sister site to here Fashion Shy Child but since gaming didn't fit with the them on here, I basically made a new page.

Next I received some cool new hair products for use textured haired gals and boys. It's from Head & Shoulders new line of Moisture care products. I'm really excited to try these out because I have never been a real big fan of Head & Shoulders. So if these products work well for me, that will be great.

Last but not least I finally made a Snapchat. I wasn't going to but for some reason a lot of you have been asking if I have one... So I made one. I really dont get the point of it and I'm still learning how to use it, make the process very interesting. But it's probable a good thing, since you can see more of my personality and what I'm doing.

PS: Beauty Weekend is tomorrow! Make sure you stop by and say hello :)

{Head & Shoulders new Moisture Care Line for Textured Hair}

{My new blog GamingShyChild}

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