Cortney's Fitness Letter #4

{Morning Breakfast}

It's crazy how another month has flown by and I'm writing you another fitness letter. 
Last month the main thing we went over was taking a slow start to change. Meaning if your a soda drinker try diet, then flavored water, then fizzy water Intel you feel okay to making a change to just water. If you have accomplished this task, good for you! If your still trying to get there keep pushing because I know you can do it. 

My work in progress has been getting myself to a strict meal plan. I know that can sound a bit extreme but it has to be that way. If I'm not hard on myself I will quickly become a victim to my own bad eating choices. So my meal plan has only breakfast and lunch sorted out with dinner being a free for all... Meaning I eat with the family, but since I'm the one that always cooks, I'm still in control of what goes into my body. So for breakfast I have oatmeal (with/without fruits) or I have plain Greek nonfat yogurt, fruits and 
Green tea or Coffee. 

For this month lets work on limiting junk foods and sweets. If your a huge consumer of this kind of stuff, limiting your intake of it or canceling it out of your diet will make a huge difference in your weight loss that you will be able to see. I know this will be a little hard, so why not get your FREE Graze box of healthy snacks. There are so many great tasting snacks to choose from and I am sure you will love it. So check it out!

PS: if you feel like you have know one to support you or you need someone to talk too always remember I am here for you.

Your fitness pal,

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