L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad Summer Read

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Back in 2009/10 when Lauren Conrad released L.A. Candy I bought it, with the great intentions of reading it and being able to share/ talk about the story with my friends. 
Since I was in college at the time my plan was to read this book when I had free time/ no homework. I got through the first 1 and a half chapters and then never picked up the book again. It wasn't like I wasn't enjoying it, I'm just not a hug fan at all of reading. It might come as a shock to some of you since I am a blogger and a lot of blogging includes reading/ writing but somethings just don't keep my attention.

Speeding up to this present day, I found a website called Audible, had no freakin clue what it was but seen it was an Amazon company and we all know how much I love Amazon... I gave it a try and signed up. After signing up I got the opportunity to pick out a book and not just any book "an audio book" something that would be read too me instead of me reading it by myself. So of course I went with the book I didn't get to finished and that being Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy.

I entitled this post my summer read but let's be honest, this book read to you by Lauren herself only takes like 7 hours and that could be spread out in less than a week. But we all have to start some where and taking the initiative to do something educational is a great start in my book. I hope you all will go over to Audible.com and read a long with me.

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*This post does contain affiliate links but the vision and manner are all of my own honest opinion and story and Honesty is 100% key for me.

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