My Weight Loss Outfit

My Weight loss Outfit

Since we all know that I am trying to loose weight and become the healthy more slimmer me, it wouldn't be right for me not to share my weight loss outfit. 
If you have know clue what a weight loss outfit is, it's basically an outfit (top bottoms, dress...) any piece of clothing you do not fit and would love to wear one day. Some people have the item/s in their closet, like I do and others like to go out to the mall or someplace like that and select a dream item. It's what ever works for you.
I personally love doing my weight loss this way because it's basically a mini goal in front of me and every week I can see how small I'm getting Intel the item fits. That's something you can't do with a scale and on another note you will know what size you fit when your desired weight does come off.
Like I said earlier, I already have the clothing items in my closet that I would love to fit into. So let's get into those items more with where they came from and how they fit/ don't fit right now.

My Weight loss Outfit 2
In 2009 away on Holiday in London, England I picked out this Pepper Tree London top on Camden Market. It was inside a store type of thing that looked like a Flee Market. I had to get it because it looked unique and I never seen anything like it here in the states. I don't know the exact size of this top but it was the biggest one the man had and I think he said it was a Large. We were all unsure about it actually fitting, but I got it anyways and I can't wait to loose the extra weight and rock it.

My Weight loss Outfit 3
I bought these Coogi shorts online from along with some other pieces. I did find them in the plus size section on the website and ordered them in the size 14W, since size 14 is my size...but they don't fit at all. I can only get them up to my thighs and that's it.  It's really quite sad because I have always wanted something Coogi and never got it in till now.

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