Hey fellow Shy Children!
I wanted to let you all know about an amazing giveaway that is going on right at this very moment, for a gorgeous Cocktail Dress. The giveaway is hosted by Sherry London, which is an online store that sells the most beautiful dresses for any special occasion. 
They really appreciate the love and support there customers give them. So they decided to give back by having an "INTERNATIONAL" giveaway... That is right!

One lucky person will win a sexy, eye-catching black cocktail dress that has one shoulder, sleeveless, short and made out of Chiffon. All you have to do to enter is visit them on Facebook, Google+ and their giveaway page...Follow them on Pinterest and Twitter... Refer friends for extra entries, write a blog post via Gleam Competition or other enter ways. The lucky winner will be contacted by e-mail only and the offer expires in one week.

So go get your entries in and I wish you all the best of luck ❤️

Sherry London

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