Skater Girl

Skater Girl 6
Top: Vans | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Apple Bottoms | Watch: Apple Watch c/o | Sunglasses: Target 

My style has been very get up and get to it lately and I'm not even in a rush to do anything. I think it's mainly because I want to be comfortable and look put together like I care...the kid in me is still there though.
My outfits have also been changing throughout the day, due to exercise workouts. But what do you wear when you just want to feel relaxed throughout the day? 
*c/o: The Apple Watch was won through a contest I entered through

Skater Girl 1 Skater Girl 2 Skater Girl 3 Skater Girl 4 Skater Girl 5 Skater Girl 7 Skater Girl 8 Skater Girl 9 Skater Girl 10 Skater Girl 11 
photos by Eric

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