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{Skater Girl mini collage}

This week I have felt my most productive and happy. I think it has a lot to do with a new thinking thing my boyfriend is teaching me. It's basically about positive energy and what great things you put out to the world, will come back to you. Kinda like the Karma effect used positively.

 I have also been keeping up with my exercise and movement and including a new drink into the mix called Full Time Energy the Super Fruit and Berry Weight Loss Blend. So far I really like it and a review will be up in a couple of weeks.

If your new to FashionShyChild I also have a gaming blog called GamingShyChild it's a sister site to this one, but only about gaming... Go Subscribe! I have been testing out a really cool app called Scripture Hero and you can read more about it over on that blog.

{Scripture Hero App}

{Full Time Energy for weight loss}

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