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I got this product for free in exchange for a review, but like always all opinions are 100 % my own.

Hey fellow Shy Children!
You might have noticed that my hair has been looking different over the past couple of weeks. 
Well I'm here to tell you I have been testing out a new set of hair extensions from . I'm not a brand new person to hair extensions but I am fairly new since I have only tested out/ used one other pair before these. With that being said this review will include Shipping, Packaging, Product Review with Pro & Cons and My Final Thoughts. So let's get started!

Shipping: Shipping was very fast especially coming all the way from China. My package did have to go through customs before being set to me but there was no problems at all. They did ship the package through USPS if you were wondering.
Packaging: When receiving the package everything was in great condition, meaning no damages to the actual envelope or product itself. I was a little shocked to see it arrive in an envelope because I was kinda expecting a box but whatever works.
Product Review: The hair is very nice quality especially for it being only 100g of hair. I did get the 16in straight 1b. It came from China like I said in the Shipping section and there is no weird smell, so that's great. ( if your use to buying hair sometimes the packaging or hair it self can smell funny) The pack I got came with seven piece so I received 2 three clips, 1 four clips, 2 two clips and  2 one clips. All of the clips on the hair extensions are super sturdy and securely placed on the wefts. If a clip was to come off over time or you need to replace it for any reason, they do provide you with three extra clips. I do wish the set could have came with one more 3 clip to give the set just a little more hair. When it comes to placing the clips in, you will get a very secure fit. So don't be worried about them falling out, getting loose or even getting tugged on by a kid because they will stay in place. If you do thin hair I would suggest back combing your hair before putting in the clip, this way your hair has some texture to secure the clip. For washing I haven't done that yet because your hair extensions don't need to be washed often and since they didn't have a stinky smell I just didn't feel the need too. But if you would like too, I would highly suggest using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner of a high quality. Also to keep them fresh looking and healthy add a bit of leave in conditioner or serum to the hair when dry. If you are a person who likes to add heat to your extensions I really suggest you keep it to a minimum or not at all. But if you do remember to add a heat protection before doing so. I personally like to braid my hair extensions while they are in or even at night when putting them away. That way you still get the curls you want, without the heat and damaged. When I did try to curl mine with a straightener I did notice the hair was smelt kinda burnt, so I don't know if they put a protection over the hair in the factory or what. Other than that I store my hair the same way it came packaged to keep them away from anything that could hurt or damaged them.
Pros- great quality for the price, nice packaging, fast shipping, no smell, nice customer service 
Cons- needs one more 3 clip weft
My Final Thoughts: I love these hair extensions and have already been suggesting them to friends and family and now you. You can't beat the price of these to the high quality you will receive. I really suggest you give these hair extensions a try before going anywhere else.
If you would like to purchase these hair extensions you can do so here:

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