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Last night laying in bed and searching the web and all of my social media sites I came across the cutest post from Pink_Paperplane on Instagram. If you have know clue who she is, she runs her own etsy shop and make the most cutest stickers for your planners. If your interested in checking it out here is a link to her shop.
 But anyways, she posted a picture of herself as a Sanrio character and I completely freaked out! You all know by now how much love I have for Sanrio and all of their character and Iv been that way since I was a little kid. So since I never grew up I had to check out the site and of course make my own. Since I completely have no self control, I made a lot... Like a lot a lot! But I narrowed it down to my four favorite to share with you and you can not say this Sanrio character doesn't look like me!
If you would like to make your own Sanrio Character make sure to check out  Chanrio Maker at . I do have to say though some things are not in English but it's still super easy to navigate yourself around the site.
PS: If you do make a character make sure to share it with me because I would love to see how yours came out... Luv ya!

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  1. I don't want You to think that I'm just spamming but if there is any chance You can find few seconds to check my blog that would be a big privilege. It's really hard to start existing. Thank You for Your attention.

    1. Sure! I don't think its spamming at all. I actually really appreciate you asking and getting my attention. <3


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