Cortney's Fitness Letter #5

{Burger Salad}

Hey my fellow Fitness Shy Children!
The month of June was basically salad heaven for me. The temperature weather wise was super hot everyday, so cooking was definitely out of the question. I had so many different varieties of salad, I could have ran my own salad bar. But my most favorite salad would have to be a "Burger Salad"... I know what your thinking, "I can have a burger and still watch my weight"? Well, yeah! All I did was take a frozen burger patty, season it and place it in a skillet to cook up. When that was cooking I took out baby spinach, an avocado, tomato, onion and my new found favorite South Western Chipotle Dressing. When the burger is finish cut it up into night size pieces, sauté up some onions and put everything together... It's really that easy!

With all that food talk being talked about 
Let's focus this month on Portion Control. I know for myself portion control can be the hardest thing ever. But I have found some ways to help myself out with that problem that could also work for you. So the first way is buying some new dish wear. I don't mean going to get a whole new set, just a kids set. My favorite is the kids dishes at target. You can get a set that comes with a plate, bowl and cup and you might have to buy your kids spoon and fork separate. But for portion control this is simple. Everything you eat has to fit in the bowl or on the plate. 
Next is always having green tea. Because it can speed up your metabolism, make you feel fuller faster and help with weight lost. The way I do this is in the morning right when I wake up I will have a cup of green tea (really 16fl oz plain) this holds me over Intel lunch, since I'm not a morning eater anyways. Then I will have another cup 30min to 1hour after I at my lunch. This helps with digestion and you will be using the bathroom. My last cup is  after dinner... Same as lunch because before bed I like to drink water. ( lemon infused water works the same way as a detox)

So that is really all I have for this fitness letter but I do have to let you all know that the Full Time Energy Super Fruit and Berry Weight Loss Blend review will be up really soon and I have teamed up with Slim Quick to test out a product to review for you all, so I am very excited about that.

PS: Don't forget that you can get a FREE Graze Box... That's healthy snacks portion controlled out for you. So get yours today


  1. That is such a cool way to incorporate burgers into a diet. I am totally inspired! I am not particularly on a diet but rather increasing my exercise, limiting my portions and choosing the healthier options and I have had so much success so far. I am so happy because I feel more confident about myself, so I want to thank you for keeping me motivated and inspired to carry on :) xxxx

    1. Awww, Thank you! But realistically you all are the ones that keep me going and really make me fell like i can loose it. <3 luv ya


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