Cortney's Fitness Letter #6


Hey fellow Shy Children!
 I can't believe it's already time for another fitness letter! It's probably because I am posting a week earlier than planned, due to the fact of me introducing some great news, that's going to be featured here on FashionShyChild starting next week.
If your super excited to know what it is, I am going to share it with you now. 
Since starting to introduce to you my change in wanting to get healthy/fit and live more of a healthy lifestyle I was doing that but always feeling a bit lost, like I wasn't giving it my true 100% to you all and myself. I never new where I was number weight wise, I just had an idea from the last time it was checked and everyone knows when trying to loose weight or even maintain your weight you need to know where you stand.

So starting next week, I am going to share everything with you in a weekly weigh in post. I have a scale now and I feel that it is time to get truly serious. I do have to be real and state that I am nervous to do this, but on the other side I don't want any of you to feel like you have know body because we can do this together, know matter how much we need to loose. 

I have joined MyFitnessPal, so if you would like to be my pal on that app you can add me.. My name on there is HelloCortney. I'm still really new to the app but everything seems to get added on there with updates too. So I guess that is it and I will see you next post.

Fellow Shy Child, 
Cortney P.

PS: Rember you are beautiful and your weight didn't define the nice person you truly are ❤️

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