Dream Fishing Kit

Dream Fishing Kit

I love fishing and where I live in the valley, it's not just a Summer season thing. We can basically go all year long if we wanted too... That's really getting your fishing license value! 

But there is something about fishing that's not that cute and it's the equipment.
 Everything, in every fishing section, of every store is highly dedicated to men and men's style and me being a girl I just can't have that. 
If your a girl who loves fishing or really want to get into it, I bet you can relate. Where the heck is the cute pink stuff!?

That being said, I found everything that would make a dream fishing kit for us girls. So I hope this helps you out, finding the best looking things for your fishing experience.

1. Gookit wifi 12mp High Definition Camera
2. Pinnacle Eye Candy 2-Piece Poll
3. Hang Ten Classic Body Sunscreen
4. Aviator Sunglasses
5. 22-in-1 Tool Set
6. Eshops Lightweight Casual Daypack Backpack
7. 8pcs 3d Minnow Fishing Lure Fish Hooks
8. South Bend Fishing landing Net
9. Band-Aid Brand Hello Kitty
10. Flambeau Tackle 1 Tray Box

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