Full Time Energy Super Weight Loss Blend Review

Full Time Energy Super Weight Loss Blend
Hey fellow Shy Children!
If you read/follow my health post, you would have read that I was testing out a new energy product for my workouts. Well the day has came where I tell you my thoughts and opinions in a review. But first I do have to state a little FTC that I did receive this product for free for testing and review purposes. So lets get into the review.
Packaging: The packaging on this product is simple but it gets right to the point. All of the writing is in huge letters making it easy to read the title, instructions and the supplement facts/ ingredients.

Product Review: This has to be one of the easiest energy/ weight loss products I have ever taken. That being said the way I use this product is in the morning, a little after I wake up I will go to the fridge take out this bottle, shake it up and use the cap it comes with to measure out the right amount of liquid I need and drink it. Right off the bat you don't feel weird or disgusted. The blend taste like juice and I  really like that factor because a lot of the time when you take product like this they can have a chemical taste to them or even be a bit chalky and with this blend you don't get any of that. I do have to tell you that when I did swallow the blend it felt like the fluid was sticking to my insides. I don't know if that's what it suppose to do to melt away the fat or its because I don't eat before taking it. But that being said its nothing to worry about. 
The energy kicks in quite fast, so you can take it at the gym, right before your workout and don't have to play that waiting game for energy. I do take mine only up to two times a day meaning morning and late evening. I did test taking it at night for a night workout but after my workout I still had energy during bed time. Even though this does give you a good amount of energy it's not something that has a crash effect and makes you feel tired. I have noticed weight loss and a positive change in my everyday mood. 

Pros: taste great, easy to take, energy, no hard crash, can easily read ingredients, big bottle for the price
Cons: having to keep it in the fridge

My Final Thoughts: I would recommend this product for help with energy in your regular day life. So if you need it to workout, get thought a job that you have to stand for long periods of time or even to just have more energy to play with your kids. It's way better than buying those energy shot drinks and in the long run your getting more product for your buck.
If you would like to purchase Full Time Energy Super Weight Loss Blend you can do so HERE!
*This product was sent to me for free for testing and review purpose ONLY! All opinions and experiences are my own and 100% Honesty is key! 

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