5 Sites/Apps I Use To Make Extra Money Fast

5 SitesApps I Use To Make Extra Money Fast

With this season of Back To School, I thought it would be only fare to share my top 5 sites/apps I use to make extra money fast. Because let's face it, who isn't in a penny pinch right after summer!? All of those fun vacation and party's with friend, I know made my pockets light and basically crying,
Now reality has knocked on our doors, talking about real life stuff like how am I going to pay for my text book, buy lunch (because you know that stuff is high), get the new hottest shoes or even buy my tickets for football games and dances.
School Problems! And now your freaking out really Having a BF (the movie White Chicks reference) 

Well I'm here to help and if your reading this you actually care and I'm here to give you a pat on your back and congratulate you for having your freak out a head of time, because just like the old saying says, "The early bird gets the worm". 

Anyways let's stop chit chatting about things you don't want to hear and get into the good stuff, making that extra cash.
I am going to go in order starting with the one that I feel is going to help you the most to make your extra money fast because I just have a good heart like that and us kids need to stick together.
So, lets get this money!

1. Opinion Outpost

This has to be my OG survey website. It's the one I recommend everyone to start out with because you will make your earnings fast. They run on a points payout meaning every survey you take will give you an average of 4-25 points. I know that might not sound like a lot but this is because you will get to your payout fast only needing 100 points for a $10 Pay Pal payout. So let's face it, you can get that in less than a week. If PayPal is something you don't have or just doesn't interest you they also have Amazon and ITunes gift cards. If you run into any problems don't hesitate to email them, they will write back.

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2. Feature Points

I tweet about this app a lot and people just sweep it under the rug. Well guess what! If your over there right now downloading that app Bob. Henry and Susie told you to get, You Lose! Because with Feature Points that popular or up on the rise app is probably on there site page waiting for you to download it and actually get points for doing so. With Feature points you can basically have anything your heart desires... LOL I'm kidding... Well not really. There rewards includes probably the biggest in the game... LOL get it, the GAME.. Apps... Never mind but they have Amazon, Starbucks, PayPal, PlayStation, Xbox, ITunes, Google Play and many more. You have nothing to loose, your downloading apps for free anyways!

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3. Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is little different than the other two. It's kinda like Opinion Outpost in the since you take Surveys but this one actually rewards you in money instead of points. The only thing is they only payout in checks and the check can take 4-6 weeks to get to you. So I would use this website as a savings because waiting 4-6 for $5 is just way too long.

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4. Surveys on the Go

This is an app and it's just like its name. It's for you to take surveys where ever you are. The only thing is your surveys is on your dashboard and they usually give you a few at a time. They pay well like 50 cents to $3 and you only need $10 to cash out. You do however have to have a  paypal account.

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5. Swagbucks 

This is another Survey site and app. That I fill takes a little bit more time. Only because for me personally, I don't qualify for a lot of the surveys that they recommend. So I basically us it like Ebates and get point for shopping, watching trending news and taking there mini quizzes. There is a lot of different rewards, so I suggest giving it a try.

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So there goes my Top 5 Sites/Apps I Use To Make Extra Money Fast. I hope this helps you out and if you have any questions regarding these apps, I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. Anyways have fun and make the extra money you truly deserve.

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