Adeline Antioxidant Serum Review

I received this product for free in exchange for a review, but like always all opinions are 100 % my own. 

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For the longest time I have been into skin care and making sure my skin stays moisturized, nice and young looking. But within the past 2 years I have been really into serums. 
At first I had know clue what it was and why I really needed it and in magazines it would be more of a luxury item for older people that was completely out of my price range.
I have most recently discovered it isn't just for older people and me being in my 20s is the most perfect time to start preventing skin issues I don't want.
In this review I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on the Adeline Antioxidants Serum with 20% Vitamin C. I will be covering these topics: Packaging, Review with Pros & Cons and My Final Thoughts... So let's get started!
Packaging: The bottle itself is very sleek and looks quite elegant. All the writing is on a sticker paper that must be sealed with something because I haven't experienced and smudging or text peeling off. When it comes to the lid it is very securely on. So if you were to take this in a luggage or bag of an sort, there is know need to worry about it spilling on all of your things.
Product Review: I have tested out other serums before but this Adeline one is different when it comes to its smell, texture and fill. For the smell it has a weird light orange smell. I know the product has 20% Vitamin C, so they might have used orange oil or something. I personally would have liked a light scent of Rose or even nothing at all. For the texture and fill its an oil but it's not oily at all. It's light, goes in easily and leaves a hydrating shine. But you will notice after its a bit sticky and I have never noticed that with any other serums. 
I personally only us this product at night, so right before bed. Only because it says to stay out of direct sunlight and during the day I just can't worry about that. At night is probably the best for you skin anyways, since when you sleep is when you cells go to work to repair everything. 
Pros-  Hydrating, Smooths Skin, helps skin look hydrated and fresh the next day
Cons- Have an annoying semi old orange smell, kinda sticky 
My Final Thoughts: Even though this product is kinda sticky and has a fake old orange smell I still use it every night and can't get enough of it. I'm basically saying the positive out way the negative and I can see a difference its making for my face. It does come with 1oz/30ml but you only need 2 pumps and if you use it only at night it will last long.
If you would like to purchase the Adeline Antioxidants Serum you can do so HERE

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