Beauty Weekend: E.L.F. Makeup Lock & Seal First Impressions

elf lock and seal
Happy Beauty Weekend!
I know Beauty Weekend has been M.I.A for a while but it's finally back. 
Today I'm going to talk about and share my first impressions of the E.L.F. Makeup Lock & Seal. I purchased this product in my last E.L.F. Haul, which was like 2 years ago with the attentions of testing out for you all. But I just kept putting it off and off. I was actually kind of unclear on how the whole thing works and kinda scared that it wasn't going to work for what I really wanted to use it for and that is to apply it over my darker lipsticks.

elf lock and seal 2
Now that I am actually getting a chance and ready to see if this product works or not I decided to pick out some products that you would want to last all day long and those products are
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick 
To stay in place and not rub off on your teeth or fade.
NYX Lipliner Pencil 
"813 Plush Red"
Some people like to wear just a lip pencil as a lip color.
E.L.F. Smudge Pot
"Cruisin' Chic"
This stuff is really creamy already and with my oily lids a eyeshadow primer just isn't always enough.
Hard Candy Single & Loving It
"516 Soiree"
Maybe use it as an eyeliner or in the crease.
Know one wants to have one eyebrow on fleek and the other one looking like World War 2.

elf lock and seal 3
So the actual kit come with a mini blending brush, a little mixing bowl and the actual lock and seal solution.

elf lock and seal 4
The first thing I did was put a couple of drops of the solution inside the mini mixing bowl.

elf lock and seal 5
Than I swatched all of the products on my hand and applied the solution with the mixing brush to the swatches.

I let the swatches set In tell they were completely dried and than I took my finger and rubbed each swatch one by one and my results were:

Lipstick: didn't set at all, was still creamy.

Lip Pencil: smeared a bit but kinda stayed in place.

Smudge Pot: smeared a Tad bit but was the only product that actually really lasted and stayed true to color and shine.

Eyeshadow: completely faded and smeared to the point of disappearing. 

Eyebrow pencil: a hot mess!

My finally thoughts on this product is that it had a good intention of being a great product but needs to really be tested out more and fixed. I think if they take just a little more time on it and actually find the way to make it really lock and seal, they would have a great selling product.
 So I would have to give this product a 2/5. 

PS: have you ever tried this product? If so how did it work for you?

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