Targets Mossimo Lunea Shoes

Targets Mossimo Lunea Shoes 4.5
I new one day a post on these Target Mossimo shoes would go up, I just never decided when. But there is a time and a place for everything and I guess the time  for these specific shoes is now.
This is not the first time you have seen me in this style/brand of shoes. I have own so many pairs, its freakin crazy and the funny part is, all of the pairs I have own have been the same color... Black! This is actually my first time deciding to get a different color and I think I made a great decision. 
These are the grey pairs and they are called the Mossimo Supply Co Lunea in Grey and they are in a size 11... Yes I have a big foot! 
If you have never bought a pair and actually tried them out, your really missing out. They are super comfortable and very chill to walk and stand in for hours and can we say Affordable! 
When I was working my 8 hour job 5 days a week, these are the shoes I would wear... The black pair of course.
Anyways I hope this helped and since back to school season is hear, getting a couple pairs of these shoes in different colors wouldn't be bad... Hint..Hint!

Targets Mossimo Lunea Shoes 1 Targets Mossimo Lunea Shoes 2 Targets Mossimo Lunea Shoes 3 Targets Mossimo Lunea Shoes 5

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