Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Scale and App Review

I got this product for free in exchange for a review, but like always all opinions are 100 % my own.

Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale and App 2
Hey Friends!
Fitness and Health has become something big here on FashionShyChild. I share my goals, story's and even products that work and help me out. 
With In this month I have even started sharing my weight loss with a weekly weigh in. I told you all I received a scale on Twitter and Snapchat but if you don't follow me on those, you have know clue what scale I am using for weigh ins. 
That is where this post comes into play. I was given the opportunity to test out a Bluetooth Smart Scale by Taylor. A scale like this is something I really wanted and I'm real excited to share my thought and oppinions with you all today.
So in this review I will be covering these topics: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons, and My Final Thoughts... So lets get started!

Packaging: Everything about this Taylor Body Fat Smart Scale packing is eye catching. You get all the information about the product you could possibly need just on its box. 

Product Review: This Taylor Bluetooth body Fat Smart Scale is not your average body fat scale, its way more! Meaning it docent just have one function, it has multiple functional bennifits including Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass and maximum Daily calories. But don't feel too overwhelmed because it's super easy to use. All I had to do... once it was set up of course, is stand on it and that's it! The scale collects all of the information it needs via Bluetooth where my info is shipped to its free app on my phone.
By now your probably wondering about the Bluetooth function. Well it's wayyy easy to set up and you will be connected in know time. You do need a newer phone to use the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, but don't worry even if you can't or don't want to use the Bluetooth function on this scale you can still use it with know problem. 
To put the icing on the cake the scale does go up to 400lb and even comes with its own batteries. The batteries are not in the scale when you first take it out, but they are located on the side, inside the box. So don't rush to much taking it out when you first get it.
There is a function on the scale that I find to be completely pointless and evacuate and that would be the Maximum Daily Calories. It ALWAYS tells me to eat over 2,000 calories... 2,405 to be exact. I never used and app or device that told me to consume that much... So I tried it out to see what would happen, I had too and it was a complete fail to my weight loss goal.
Let's now talk about the app. This Taylor Body Fat Smart Scale has it own app, letting you connect your scale to the phone via Bluetooth. It works with Google Play and Apple making it super cool but also just plain simple. I love how I can turn my phones Bluetooth feature on and my info transfers to the app. But the app is kind of a waste of space on my phone because of its simplicity. If it had the ability to be a fitness/food diary too, it would be golden! The box says its compatible with popular food/fitness diaries, but the only one I see is MyFitnessPal, why not the Lose It! App? 

Pros- tracks a lot, Bluetooth compatible, comes with batteries, easy to set up, can be used as a basic weight scale
Cons- Doesn't work with the app I love, It's app is a waste of space

My Final Thoughts: I love this scale and it's a huge upgrade from the glass scale I used to own. I love the fact that you can use it Bluetooth feature is you want but if it's not your thing your not pressured. But the bottom line is body fat scales are pricey to begin with so why not spend something on a product that gives you what you wanted and more... Its worth it !
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