Weekly Weigh In #1: Emotional Eating

Hey friends!
If you are on this weight loss journey with me, welcome to the first weigh in. If you did stop by last week and was wondering where my weekly weigh in was, I didn't put one up. I was having one of those weeks where I was just emotionally unhappy. It had nothing to do with what some one said or anything. It was all put on by myself, emotionally feeling like a failure. This caused me to not care or pay attention to what I put into my mouth, leading me to gain a little. 
In the introduction to this series I said I was 264.2 at the time and last week when I weighed myself I jumped to 265.2   So I gained a pound!
But I don't feel discouraged, because this week I'm back on track weighing in at 263. Yayyyy!
So for next week I really want to get to 260, I think it can be done and I'm going to work really hard to make it possible. 
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See you next weigh in!
-XO Cortney 

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