Weekly Weigh In #2: Baby Steps

Hey Fitness Pals!
This week for me has had so many changes for my mental health and emotions and the way I react to situation all from one simple change... The time i wake up. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen/read me talking bout my new schedule of waking up at 3:50 am Monday-Friday. It's really not a decision I made because let's be completely honest I work from home, so there is really no need to be up that early! But my boyfriend started a new job that he has to be at by 5 am, so me getting up early is more of a supportive thing and  it really helps me in a way by getting things done on time.
I mentioned all of this because it relates to my sleeping/eating habits. I'm the type of person that can't just bounce up in the morning and have breakfast. I have never been a morning eater because it really makes my stomach hurts and I'm just not about that life. So I wait like 2-3 hours to eat. But when it does come time to eat, I'm not really hungry due to the fact of me being tired. So to make a confusing/long thing short I have been eating way less and not eating after 4pm.  This is way to new for me, but I'm getting use to it... Baby steps, baby steps! 
 It's also helping me have more Mind over matter, meaning I'm really thinking about what I'm doing and not having my tummy control my mind... I'm the boss!
To get into the weigh in last week I weighed 263 lbs and today I weigh in at 261.2 lbs ... So I lost 1.8 lbs. Last week I also told you all that it would be nice to get to 260 or less because I really want to be out of the 60's. I was really close to making it, I think. So by the time next weigh in come around aka next week, I should accomplish it.
Anyways, I will see you next Weigh In.
- XO Cortney
PS: I would like to know how is your weight loss or healthy new habits going?

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