Insta Child: Photos From My life

Hey friends!
I know a lot of you don't follow me on Instagram or maybe you had know clue I was even on Instagram. But for any reason, Instagram is a place where I share a lot of photos from my everyday life and since you... My friends/readers are such a big part of my life, I wouldn't want you to miss any exciting things going on. So I decided to share some photos on here... every week, for you all to see.

This weekend as you may all know was my last few days off, from the week I took off. I spent the days relaxing and coming up with really exciting topics to blog about. 
That week I also got a chance to test out some Impress manicure nails and they looked absolutely amazing on. But speaking of amazing did you guys check out the new issue of Seventeen Magazine? It's a nice social media issue that doesn't just cover the glam life of it, it gets into the struggles also. I suggest you check it out and maybe even with a cup of hazelnut coffee in a Holiday theme mug. 

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