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Labor Day weekend I placed an order on because I recently won a contest they were having for Back To School. The giveaway was to win a $100 gift card/store credit that you could use on there site to get cool new clothes to wear back to school. I of course am not enrolled in school but being able to shop and test out items that I can eventually share my thoughts and opinions with you, Is my favorite part.
I was going to go all out and pick hot stuff like the BOY London tee or crop top    or even a stylish bag but I new what I really needed as essentials and that's bras.
I am a plus size girl with a big chest so finding bras that fit and are actually my size is really hard and can be really expensive. But I have found the golden ticket to my problems! Drjays has a plus size intimates and sleepwear section that has a nice variety of plus size bras for an amazing low price. So I highly suggest you go over and check them out because paying $8 for a bra that retails for $35 is a great deal. 
Other than the bras I did get a nice pair of sandals called the Adidas Adilette and they are so freakin comfortable I can't even explain. I did get two other things but they weren't for me, so make sure to check out my YouTube channel to see those items.
Bras shown: Amazing Dot Support Push-up Bra, Best Kept Secret Lace Trim Bra, & Lace Trim Perfect Coverage Bra
PS: All bras mentioned come with bra extenders.

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