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Hey fellow Shy Children!
It's that time again, where I have to clean out my phone and share a set of oh so lovely selfies. This set is actually kinda special because none of the photos ever made it to social media... Don't ask me why because I have know clue and even more of a 'no clue' to why they are still in my phone. But like the good saying goes, " someones trash is another persons treasure." So I hope you treasure these selfie shots.
PS: What photo/'s do you have in your phone that never seen the light of day on social media?

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Favorite Candle? This is going to sound so basic and generic but Bath & Body Works "Leaves"... Yeah, I know basic! But I also really like Bath & Body Works Apple Crumble along with Targets fall limited edition candles from last year. I don't know if Target is doing the collection this year for there soy candles but if you want to see a video I did talking about Bath & Body Works cheap alternative candles check this video out!

Favorite Lip Color? My favorite lip color for the fall is anything vampy but more specifically on the purple/plum/ox blood/Bordeaux side of the scale.

Favorite Drink? Teas & apple cider... I really need a Keurig for this time of year. But if you were wondering what Starbucks drink I get, I love the Salted Caramel Mocha Frap. and the Green Tea Frap... Can't help it, I'm a cold drink Starbucks person.

Favorite Blush? I keep it vary natural in the fall time because I don't want it clashing with my bold lip. So I love to use the e.l.f. Blush Pallet in Dark and wear the two right colors mixed or I will wear Wet n Wild coloricon blush in 
Pearlescent Pink.

Favorite Clothing Item? I have two favorite fall clothing items. The first one would have to be my favorite black and grey striped cardigan sweater and my Timbs look a like boots.

Favorite Fall Movie? I associate fall time with  Halloween because it's really my favorite time of year/holiday so I love getting into the Halloween spirit. I did a blog post last year sharing with you all 10 Movies To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit, so I suggest you check that out and get inspired. But if I had to pick one I would have to say The Addams Family because you got to love Wednesday Addams.

Favorite Fall TV Show? This would have to be hands down American Horror Story. I'm obsessed with the series and I can't wait to watch this years Hotel themed one.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food? I live for Thanksgiving Cornbread dressing! With that being said I am very picky about who makes it and how it taste.

Favorite Halloween Costume? I am very Wizard of OZ when it comes to this. I can be the Good Witch of the North or the Wicked Witch of the West... But I'm going to be one.

This tag was created by Jaclyn Hill via YouTube. I was not tagged by her but I wanted to do it anyways. If you would like to do the tag, I tag you!

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