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With the idea in mined of wanting to redecorate and make my office more blog and video friendly, I was brainstorming some ideas to make all of that possible because I feel like it's been talked/thought about so much and nothing has really been done to make my vision a reality. I do have a picture on my desk that I got printed a while back from my Instagram account using Printstagram. I don't know why I never made a blog post on the photos I got printed or even about the website I used. I know I mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram but for the blog nothing was said. 

That being said, now is the time Printstagram (now called Social Print Studio) needs its time to shine. Because all I can remember about the experience is everything positive and being human usually you will remember at least something that didn't go the way you liked or expected. But in this case I'm still really in love with the site and the experience I had shopping through them. 

Back when I ordered Printstagram was still very new and really only has 3 to 4 options to choose from... give or take. Also remember getting Instagram pictures printed from your account was also very new and know one really talked about it and the selected few really kept the printing sites and process a secret like it was golden. So I completely had to try a site for myself and really get my own opinion and experience. 

I decided to go with the Square Prints because in my head it was between them and the Mini Square Prints but the Mini gave you way more prints for the price and at that time I didn't have 48 photos worth printing. So Square Prints was just right with 24 prints per set. But now looking at the site there is way way way more options to choose from.

The options I've been looking at now are Photostrips, Minibooks and the Large Format and once I get the photos I am pleased with, they will definitely get printed with Printstagram . Also a little bonus, shipping is super duper fast and if I'm not mistaken the prints came from Overseas but there HQ is in my Hometown of San Francisco.

PS: I hope this little info/experience helped you out and if you do order from Printstagram (Social Print Studio) let me know what you think.

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