2016 Planners I'm Taking Into Consideration

Even though 2016 is still a while away I decided to look at planners now, to get a general idea on what I want for next year. One might think a planner is a planner, but there's actually different forms of planners in different textures and styles that you have to decide on which one you're going to want to use for a whole entire year.

For this year I'm using a bloom planner. I have been using it the whole year and actually really enjoying it. The only problem I have is, it way too small for what I do. But if you take into consideration a college student or high school student it will be the perfect size. That is why I highly recommend the bloom planner for people that are in school or going to use the planner for only one type of subject.
So with all that being said, there's a lot of pros and cons that goes into picking planners. I know for 2016 I'm really looking into a planner that I can use for that year, next year and maybe even the next year after that. It's hard to find ones like those and the one I like/found have been more of a Filofax type, looking pretty nice and those are the Kikki k's.
 2016 Planners  So now let me share with you the seven that I have been looking at ...

1. Kikki K Large in Cute
2. Erin Condren Fleur Feliz Metallic Gold
3. Erin Condren Wild Life Planner
4. Bloom Planner Gold
5. Kate Spade Medium Gold Dots
6. Hadron Epoch Auror Pink
 7. Kikki K Large in Watermelon

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