Cortney's Fitness Letter #7


Hey, fellow Shy Children!
It has been long over due that I write you a fitness letter update since there is things I need to update you on and you might have questing for me yourself. So I'm just going to get right into it.

If you been following me on here and your a true Shy Child, you would have seen I started a new health update posting called, "Weekly Weigh In".  If your new you might have not seen them since I haven't done a weigh in share in 3 weeks. I can't take in that it has been that long but to be completely 100% honest like I am always with you, it's been a little rough but I have not given up. Every time I go through a complete crash I tell myself this is not the end and it's not set in stone that I have to be this weight. So I have been doing research and educating myself on nutrition to do better. But still at the end of the day I'm just human and I want you all to remember that when you have a crash but don't use it as a crutch and let it become you. Just make a new plan and start that. 

If your wondering what my new plan is it's completely everywhere. I think when I introduced these Fitness Letters I mentioned that this isn't my first time trying to loose this weight. I did it back in the end of 2010 to the middle of 2011 and got all the way down to 220 and was completely content with that weight. I kept it off and would sometime go up to 230 but it was okay. Ever since making this big move in 2014 and going through change, that's when I gained the extra 35 pounds. But I do remember what I did to loose the weight and I'm going to share that with you know because it was very successful and I really want to try it again.

First let's start off with exercise. I walked everywhere, that was my way of transportation. I was also in college at the time, so walking the campus was also a must. So getting walking in will help you out so much and you will see a difference in your breathing... Meaning you won't be huffing and puffing 5 min. Into your walk. Next form of exercise might sound funny to some of you but I swear by it and wished I still owned mine and that is the Nintendo Wii. OMG! I used to play this system every time I got a free chance but the games I highly recommend are Just Dance (no matter what version/ number but I did have the second one) and the free games the first Wii came with, I think it's called Wii Sport. So play the dancing game for a half and hour to an hour a day for real exercise and play the sports game for fun. This way your moving and actually getting work in without really realizing it. Lastly for exercise I always believe everyone should own and use a jumping rope. I used this jump rope at the time but I now own this one. Anyone would due but the first one I owned is way easy to use.

Now let's talk about foods. I used to be Vegan/vegetarian/not categorized ... Very confusing I know. What I mean is I stopped eating meat, but I would eat Tuna. Tuna was the only animal I would let myself have. I would also cut out dairy due to the fact it makes my tummy hurt and I'm lactose intolerant. Also processed foods/junk were cut out... So no chips, soda, candy, fast food and white rice/bread... I would let myself have popcorn every so often because I'm addicted.

So your probably like WTF this is way to strict but I had to be that way on myself or I would make the okay for everything to be eaten.

So my schedule looked something like this:

MORNING: wake up, weight myself (if it was weigh day) write it in my journal aka computer notes, make a protein shake in the shaker bottle (I really like the Designer Protein Aria for women in Chocolate and the bottle I use it in is the classic shaker Blender Bottle ... A purchase for these two item have been made again) , exercise with the Wii using Just Dance 2 for 30-60 min., drink my protein, wait tell I was hungry to eat breakfast (old fashion oatmeal with tea), fill up my water cup (just bought a new one for motivation/water only) and do what I needed to do tell lunch.

AFTERNOON: My water cup was filled up so many times at this point but if I needed too it will get filled up again. I would make a tuna sandwich for lunch (just one tuna can lightly salted and peppered on wheat whole grain bread with lots of baby spinach on it... Sometimes a boiled egg on the side but not always)

DINNER: I used a kids/toddlers plate and bowl set so dinner was placed on the small plate. I usually had faux chicken or veggie/vegan burger patties (no bread for dinner) with broccoli or cooked spinach with a small red potato on the side. If I didn't feel like cooking or the house was having takeout I would treat myself a Lean Cusine dinner meal and I'm not going to lie, if I was still hungry after one I would make another one.

DESSERT: fresh fruit most Granny Smith apples or popcorn if i didn't have it in a while.

That seems to be all of the information I have. I did order the Adkins starter kit to have on hand for reference and I just ordered PETA's starter kit booklet because I used that as a reference for the first weight loss. I will also let you know when my protein powder and blender bottle comes in.

PS: Do you know of any websites or ways I can fine information on stores in my area that sells faux meat items and Vegan stuff? I haven't seen any living here and that really scares me.

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