Alice and the Mad Hatter Canvas Review

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Hey, fellow Shy Children!
I have been talking for quite a while about changing up my office space and making a place I can feel comfortable and motivated in... Mainly something that expresses my personality and quirkiness. While doing so keeping In mind things a lot of people tend to over look and forget about In tell the last minute. These things tend to be art, mirrors and plants.
Today i am going to go over art because there is a really fun and easy website that you can used to find any art piece, of any  style, for any room at amazing prices and different finishes.
The website is called and right when you get on the site they have it sectioned off so perfectly, looking for something great is a complete breeze. You can search specific rooms, styles, subjects, artists and even get your own art framed. My favorite section is the framed unique art, it just has more of that quirky personality expression I love.
So, once you have your dream piece picked out and you add it to your cart, they give you the option to pick your finish. You can choose from art print, laminated, canvas and even framed. Last but not least make sure to check if there is a sale going on, so you can use that code but if there isn't, the piece you want is usually highly discounted already. If you find yourself needed help on anything, email customer service or give them a call, they are very sweet and will help you out.
For my office I decided to go with a piece by Jasmine Becket-Griffith titled Alice and the Mad Hatter. I love Jasmine's work and if you do know anything about her, she's a freelance artist that's known for her gothic, fairy, fantasy artwork... Something that's right up my alley. This piece is also a perfect size because going into pick something I knew I needed something with high measurements because my walls are just way to big for something small. I went with the canvas finish with a black border because I just like canvases over a framed piece, I think the art is more brighter and pops more. Also a long that note frames like to reflect light and I want to see my picture without a glare.
So that is everything about and my Alice and the Mad Hatter piece. I hope this review helps you out and makes your next art buying experience pleasant.
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*I picked this art piece out for free, for review purposes only. Everything said is 100% my honest opinion!

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