I'm A Vegan Now!


Hey, fellow Shy Children!

So if you follow my health section on here you already have a general idea of my eating habits, weight and where my head is at in this lifestyle change. I do my very best to be very open and honest with you, since I do see you all as my besties. But I do have to say my heart hasn't been in the best place emotional wise when it comes to what I have been eating... But don't get me wrong, I have been eating healthy. nothing crazy, so sticking to lean meats and stuff like that. But I found myself not loving/enjoying the meat portion on my plate. It started to feel wrong and just not taste appetizing.

With that being said I would like to officially announce that, I'm a Vegan. This decision didn't happen over night, in the scene that I have been thinking about going back for over a year now but within the last 2 months I have been really serious in switching back over. But don't get the idea that I'm going to be one of those preaching vegans because I'm not, everyone can do what they won't. But I'm return I don't want meat thrown in my face.

On of the biggest questions I have been getting is, "Why didn't you just go Vegetarian"? The answer to that is, I can't have dairy already and once I cut out animal products I'm basically a vegan. Another question is, "What do you eat now?" I eat everything I have been eating just more of it. So Vegetables, fruits, beans, quinoa...etc. I haven't had any meat substitutes besides  pavillon mushrooms because were I live there just not in the stores, which kind of scares me because back in the Bay Area aka San Francisco region Vegetarians and Vegans had options.

That is basically everything I had to say. If you are a vegan and have any great tips or know good cookbooks to buy, please share them with me. 

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