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A lot of us live really busy lives, from shuffling school, work and trying to make the most time spent with our families can becomes overwhelming and the last thing you really want to think about is your manicure. 
But I'm sorry to break it to you, the holiday season is literally right around the corner and along with food, family and cheer comes your appearance. You have to look your very best and you know it! Pictures will be taken, long distance family members will be seen and the last thing you really want is people talking about your horrible nails/manicure. 
I know what your thinking, "But I don't have time to make an appointment or walk into a nail salon"... Or "I spent so much money already, I just can't fit a manicure in my budget". 

Well friends, I have a solution and I guarantee you will think me. At Walgreens for the very low price of $7.99, you can get a pack of ImPress Press-on nails that are easy to apply and look absolutely amazing. So amazing people will think you spent way more money than you did and wonder how you even made time to get your nails done with your busy schedule.
So the two packs I have and love are Boogy Down (nude ultra shine gel nails with glitter accent nails) and Tweetheart (red ultra gel shine nails with heart gem accents) The one I will be using to show you how easy they are to apply is Boogy Down... So let's get started! 
This application process should only take you 5-10 minutes since there is no drying times and no mess. 
First thing you are going to want to do is take off any old nail polish and wash your hands because you are going to need a clean nail canvas to work on. Once that is done, read over packet instructions. You can find the instructions located on the back of the packaging and even inside the box with your nails... How convenient is that! Now you are going to want to line up your nails according to your actual nail size. I found this part to be super easy and was done in less time than I attended it to take. Once you have them all picked out and lined up, take the prep pad and clean your nails. Then pick up the nail you want to apply first and pill off the backing to uncover adhesive and simply press on... It's that easy! No drying time and no mess and safe on your natural nails. The ImPress Press-on Manicure does use UltraHold Technology to keep nails on for 5-7 days. If you have sensitivity to nail glues, this set is really perfect for you since its basically just a super strong sticker on your nails. When your done applying all of the nail, the package does come with a mini nail file so you can file them down or shape them but other than that the mega gel shine and the natural shape will have your nails looking flawless!
Make sure you check out to be inspired and pick out the best color and accents for any occasion or function coming up in your life. But most importantly always remember your nails don't have to suffer just because you have a hectic life... ImPress Press-on Manicure is always there to save the day.

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Product was provided by ImPress via BrandBacker for this post, but as always all opinions are mine and mine alone.

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